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We are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization and foundation. 

All proceeds are used to help us pay the bills and to continue creating and donating MORE free Medical Wigs for those women and children who cannot afford to purchase a Real Human Hair Medical Prosthesis.  They eagerly wait each day the ability to walk in public without ridicule.  We have thousands of women and children still waiting patiently for one beautiful Medical Wig to boost their self-esteem.  It gives them a sense of well-being and happiness during this most difficult time and crisis in their life.  

We truly appreciate your support.  ​

You know, no one gets rich from humanitarian work.  It's a Labor of Love from the Heart and Soul.  It's an honest and humble pursuit. But, it's the smile on the face of a child or a woman who has cancer that makes it worth it for us.  It's enriching.  It's priceless.

We hope you will consider us a worthy cause for your corporate sponsorship, hair or financial donations.

Once again, let us extend to you a heartfelt "Thank You" for your desire to help our women and children and for your sincere concern.

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