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Moving in? Moving out?

Fridman Properties got you covered!

Moving to your new home doesn’t need to be stressful. We, at Fridman Properties will provide you a smooth and worry-free moving of your personal belongings with care. We will work closely with you from the planning stage up to the moving of the last box to give you a chance to sit back and relax while we get the job done efficiently, safely and quickly. Our team is here to make your move simple and headache-free experience.

Fridman Properties offers pick-up and delivery services that is customized to meet your needs starting only from $99!


Register online: Schedule a date of pick up, date when you need it to your new place, and order supply kit (optional, you can use your own boxes).

We will send you an email/text message confirmation. 

Pack and Label: If you ordered a supply kit, it will be sent to your pick up address. 

Make sure to label your fragile items separately. 

Pick Up: On your scheduled pick up date, movers will come to your address and pick up all your items and tag each of your boxes to ensure that it will not be misplaced.

Delivery: A day before your arrival, update your delivery information by texting our delivery team. Our movers will deliver all your storage items back to your new apartment.


For more details call 833-374-3626 (833 - FRIDMAN) or email us at info@fridmanproperties.com


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