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Wooden Book Shelves

Buy/Sell/Rent Furniture

Buy what you want, Sell what you done need anymore, and Lease what you need temporarily, whatever it is, Fridman Properties got your back!


Online Store

We also sell essential travel products that you might forgot to bring during your travel or if you just need an extra!

Family Gardening

Tenants Feedback

The smiles we see from our clients are what makes us at Fridman Properties want to give the best services there is! You can see the feedback from our previous customers here!

Modern Bedroom

Airbnb Short Term Rental

More than just a building with the basic necessities. Fridman Properties is promoting the learning/living lifestyle that will enhance the overall health and development of the individual - physical, mental, and social starting at $45/night.

Scrubbing the Sink

Cleaning Services

Irritated with your dirty room? smelly bathroom? nasty kitchen? Let us know and we will make sure to come by and leave your place squeaky clean!

White Meeting Room

Meeting Room Rental

We offer clean, quiet, and conducive to productivity interior meeting rooms designed to groups of small to big.  Offering at an affordable fee starting at $25 per hour, minimum of 2 hours.

Self-Storage Units

Storage Space

In Fridman Properties, we give you the freedom to choose whether you want to personal drop off and pick up your items or have us do them for you! Just let us know and we will discuss the options with you.


Airport Transfer

Using our airport pickup and drop off services to avoid any scam that may happen along the way from the airport to our apartment at a reasonable price starting for only at $69.00!


Find Housing

Are you looking for a long term housing? Fridman Properties can arrange and help you find a perfect place to stay with a trustworthy landlord that can cater to your every single need. 

Modern Living Room

Sublease your Apartment/Room

Spending your summer or winter break on a vacation and leaving your rented apartment in the meantime? Why not sublease it so you can earn to cover the monthly rental when in fact you are not using it? We can even take care of it for you!


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Landlord Services

Tenant Services


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